How To Keep Your Hairs Shiny

While talking about the beauty the first thing that came up in your mind is to have a long and shiny hairs. Hairs play an important role in your beauty you are incomplete if your hairs are not looking nice. Everyone wants their hairs long and shiny so to make it shiny beautiful you need some efforts to out on your hairs which you really need to understand how you can do this. Here are some tips that you can follow.

Comb Your Hairs Before You Wash It

My first tip is that always wash your hairs before you going to wash it because it has so many advantages first of all it evenly spreads the natural oil all through out your hairs as it gives you a protective layer to your hairs that keep you hairs better prepaired for any kind of shampoo which can be exposed your hairs and secondly the absence of any sort of tangles strengths or knots make it much easier to rinse of your hairs properly.

Wash Your Hairs Less Often

My second tip is that don’t wash your hairs too much as too much washing of hair has too many facts. If you wash your hairs too often you are making it stripping its natural oil and this may cause the result of drying your hairs and damaged your hairs and additionally the process of over washing also dries out your scalp which then often over produces the natural oil to compensate so don’t wash your hairs more than three times a week.

Be Smart About Water Temperature

While warm water opens up hair cuticles to allow shampoo and conditioner to do their job. Cold water helps to close the cuticles and seals in moisture from the conditioner which helps your hairs to look shiny. So, what does it all means is that wash your hairs with warm water and then in the end rinse it with cold water.

Apply Conditioner Only At The Ends

So my next tip is that you should apply the conditioner always at the ends of your hairs not on the scalp. Using the conditioner on a regular basis is very important because the shampoo opens up the hair cuticles and the use of conditioner after that helps in sealing those cuticles by locking its nutrients. No one recommend you to apply conditioner directly on your scalp since your natural oils are anyways more concentrated around your hairs which then might prevent your hair from having this nice bouncy volume once its dry therefore, we recommend you to apply conditioner only at the ends of your hairs which is where it needed the most.

Handle Your Wet Hairs Carefully

When your hairs are wetted, you should have to handle it very carefully. It is important that you don’t rub or brush your hairs when its wetted instead trying it by gently pressing and squeezing the moisture from your hairs with help of the towel. When you rub your hair to dry it you damage your hairs as gentle squeezing removes more moisture and helps in keeping the hair cuticles smooth and also think about the towel you are using its better to use soft material instead of using the rough texture towel.

Use Shampoo Without Alcohol

When you buy your shampoo take a few seconds to have a quick look on the ingredients. Alcohol tends to swell up the hair cuticles which can leave the hairs to look frizzy rather helpful ingredients in hair products are glycerine because it coats the hairs with moisture from the inside out in order to block outside moisture to getting in so my recommendation is to buy the shampoo that is high in gl;ycerine and alcohol free.

Rinse Thoroughly

My next tip is that always wash your hairs thoroughly. You can have the best shampoo and conditioner in the world but if you don’t wash your hairs properly you will not get the results so you should make sure that you have washed your hairs thoroughly to get all the product out of it otherwise it builds up in your hairs loses it healthy shine. Also, the best results are chief if you carry out your final rinse with cold water it helps to seal the cuticles.


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