This is a big problem for girls who are short in height they want to look tall and smart. Because the short height girls feel bad as they go out for party and they don’t feel comfortable with others. These tips also develop your confidence level and help in build up your personality.

So, if you follow some tips and tricks to look longer you can enhance your personality in a better way no matter you are short or tall.


So, the first tip is wearing a high waisted bottom like pants as it gives you a taller look. You can style it with tucking shirts or you can try crop tops on it as it gives you the illusion of taller look frame. So high waisted bottoms are the best option fort short height girls as it helps in enhancing your over all look and you also feel confident and enjoy with your friends without hesitating any more. This kind of small things makes a big change in your personality so you should need to go for this and try this to look best among all.


My second tip is if you want to wear wide palazzos than wear it with heels because by wearing heels with wide palazzos it covers you with your heels and gives you much taller look. Palazzos are so much in fashion now and you also must love to wear it but you avoid it because of your height but if you try it with my tips and tricks you definitely enjoy your look. And if you don’t like to wear heels than you can try with narrow bottom palazzos like cigarette pants or straight pants. So go for it with confidence and impress your friend by your look and especially by your attire.


My next tip for you is that you can wear a long gown which flows from top to bottom with covering your heels. Long gowns look elegant and rich and it also helps in enhancing your personality. Long gowns are always in fashion trends and we can say that they are ever green dress. They could be always in your wardrobe collection. All the celebrities use to wear long gowns in award functions and events. You can also try it in your parties, functions in any special event you will definitely look taller as it gives you a taller look illusion and also give you a gorgeous look but try to make sure that the color combination suits you well.


To look taller, you should need to try the V neck tops and dresses rather than U neck which cut your neck and gives you short height look so always try to avoid closed neck dresses and try V neck dresses to look taller. I am sure you will love it so that will be my other tip for you it definitely gives you a different look. You can go for V neck tops middies and so on. So, try it and look smart and tall with the help of this tip and trick.


You can also try vertical strips type clothes like vertical strips tops and pants it can also give you the illusion of a taller frame look. So, if you try the vertical striped pants so they do they draw all the attention to your legs which look longer in vertical strips and that will make the whole frame longer so you can go vertical design strips so this is also one of the best option to try on and to look taller.


The nude heels are very much effective to gives you a taller look try it and experience it. The nude heels and pointed heels so you can for it as these little changes makes a big difference in your over all look and also helps you in giving you a taller look.


Try to wear solid tops with solid bottoms rather than prints. Monotones patterns like black on black with black tops and black bottoms or you can wear pink top with pink bottom so this type of solid on the solid combinations and that to same color combination make you look longer so go for solids instead prints.


So, my next tip is to make a high bun as it definitely gives you a taller look illusion frame as its increases some inches in your look. So, making a high hair bun is always a good choice to look taller. You can try this hair style with every dress especially with long gowns and with the high waisted pants so this also gives you a gorgeous look if you style it like that.













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