Importance of protein in your diet

It is important to keep its working to eat a balanced diet. We need to ensure it will get proteins are known as the building blocks of the cell.

Our bodies it is important to keep it working we need to eat a balanced diet to ensure our body gets everything it need to carry out different activities. a diet includes fatty acids. _ carbohydrates proteins amino acid vitamins minerals fibre and water let’s see the importance of protein in our diet. What happen if we don’t have enough protein in our diet. proteins are known as abuilding blocks of life cell every single cell in a body contains protein problems are made up o f amino acid and can be sourced from meat or fish. dairy products nuts beans mushrooms which is good for vegetarians as well the recommended for health adults is 10% to 35% of calorie needs a pregnant women eats even protein in a diet because they need amino acid for growing overall total development when these foods are digested they are broken down into the amino acid building blocks which in return used in a a cells in our body to make new protein that are needed to carry out their work the new proteins are very useful in growth and repair it also create hormones  and enzymes and for transport of antibodies  that light for infection an antibody is a protein component in the blood it well recognize foreign substances like bacteria and viruses and neutralises them amino acids are categorized as  essentials and non-essentials .the essential amino acids are supplied in your food whereas the non-essential amino acid can be made up by your body from essential amino acids .our body then used these amino acid building blocks to make protein that we need all our cells are constantly producing proteins . the protein from the diet is very important in producing the types of new proteins for all of the uses mentioned earlier but what happened if you are deficient in protein.

Symptoms of protein deficiency protein – protein deficiency includes low energy levels muscle burn and joint pain slow wound healing and low immunity did you know that you can take enough calories a day but are not taking enough protein. it means your eating to many carbohydrates and fat. if a diet is really protein deficient a malnutrition condition kwashiorkor can develop the main sign of kwashiorkor        is fatigue loss of appetite or theorist it may also include failure to thrive server weight loss swelling in get more hair loss etc. kwashiorkor is common in developing countries and area that have limited food resources there are some other medical conditions also of protein or protein decency in our body. over the time lack of protein can make strength makes it harder to keep your balance and slow down your metabolism. It can also lead to amino when your cells don’t get enough oxygen  which makes you tired if you have a protein deficiency your doctor might recommend you to increase your protein intake you can become deficiency in protein if you don’t eat enough food sources marasmus is also caused due to protein deficiency in marascas severe weight loss over due to lack of nutrition’s and calories other symptoms of marasmus include slanted growth 99 gair dry skin and eyes diarrhoea lower immunity stomach infection and lactose intolerant   repertory infections  both these conditions kwashiorkor and marasmus can be treated initial treatment of marasmus includes dried skin milk powder mixed with boiled water . it found earlier both of these diseases can be treated with ready to use food and formulated milk s however there are some clinic treatments also. which includes complete course of rehydration and sterilization.

CONCLUSION_ importance of protein.

Protein plays many significant roles in your body the basic structure of protein is a chain of amino acids proteins help ai repairing and building your body tissues enhance metabolism and allow our body to function properly protein is also important for the growth and development building block of tones muscles skin and blood most the work of protein is required in a cell.


Importance of protein in your diet  protein is a component of every cell in our body our hair and nails are mostly made of protein our body use it to repair tissues  and to build it is also needed in making engrams and other body chemicals  protein is a macronutrient means you need large amount of it to stay fit and healthy we have different  forms  of protein  it has variety of sources like meat fish soya butter eating protein also help in weight loss we can replace our carbs and fats with  protein it can reduce our hunger level  which makes you eat helps you avoid overeating so basically protein is an  important part of a healthy diet.

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